Ready to grab a slice of the multi-billion dollar 💸 education industry pie, but don’t know how to conquer the tech? 

Learn how to create a learning experience your students will love, with our tried and tested tech hacks, templates, and trainings for course creators who are ready to grow and make bank with their online course.

The average online course takes 100+hrs to build plus endless hours to market to your audience…😲 

But you probably already knew this right?

Does this sound a little too familiar...

👉 You’ve spent late nights and early mornings trying to develop your perfect online course, only to have those pesky tech gremlins come in and mess it up for you? Hmmm, a few choice words slip out of your mouth 🤬 as you see yet another error message.

👉 So, you spend hours on Google looking at all the how-to vids that leave you even more annoyed than before. You throw your hands up in the air and think, ‘nope, not today’. 🤷

👉 That ‘too-hard’ basket is quickly filling up.

I get it.

We’ve built over 200+ courses for clients and experienced *almost* every damn tech nightmare out there. 

Whether your cart isn’t working, the emails aren’t firing or you just can’t sell your coursewe’ve got you.

Did you know...🤔

 The most successful online courses are the ones that focus on the student experience?

Oh really! Why? 

Raving fans.

That’s right.

Create an awesome course experience that transforms your student’s life (whether that’s their business, health, mindset etc) and in turn, create raving fans that sell your course.

🤩🤩 Raving fans = $$$ 💸💸

Are you ready to transform your course experience, create raving fans and sell your course?


Think Tank Society

Let’s create a learning experience your students will love, with our tried and tested tech hacks, templates, and trainings for course creators who are ready to grow and make bank with their online course.

🤩 Perfect for novice Thinkific course creators! 🤩

Health Coaches - Business Coaches -Consultants - Virtual Assistants 

Consider this your shortcut to unlocking all the secret course creation hacks that take a ‘meh’ course to magical.

  • Learn how to plan & create course content that students want to finish.
  • Transform your Thinkific sales page from boring & bland to ‘wow’ making your students think ‘OMG - I need that!’
  • Create beautiful workbooks and slide decks without wasting hours trying to design something only to give up and outsource.
  • Learn how to leverage your network and create an affiliate marketing program that people will want to join.
  • Conquer the tech maze and connect your course the easy way so payments hit your bank and students get the experience they deserve. We're talking Thinkific, Zapier, Active Campaign & Stripe.

Create a course experience that your students will love, that also transforms your life by creating raving fans and growing your revenue on autopilot.

Yes, I'm in!

Join for 12 months + Get 2 FREE!

Think Tank Society Membership includes:

✅ Mini course 1:
Affiliate Marketing 101

** Launching 24th March **
Most course creators forget to leverage their existing network and rely totally on ads to sell their online course. In this module you’ll learn how to create an affiliate program that your existing clients and colleagues will want to join so they can help sell your online course.

  • You’ll walk away with an affiliate program ready to share with your audience.
  • Plus you’ll have access to tech videos showing you exactly how to set up your affiliates!

✅ Mini course 2:
Marketing Your Online Course

** Launching 7th April **
Stop wasting time scrolling on social media, instead use it to sell your online course. Learn how to use content marketing across social and email platforms to leave breadcrumbs and prime your audience to buy. Helping you sell more courses and serve more people.

  • Setup a content marketing plan that helps you sell more courses
  • Bonus content planning template

✅ Mini course 3:
Wacky Widgets

** Launching 5th May **
What is a widget you may ask? A widget is a little piece of code you can use to help market your online course. Learn how to create them, where you can place them and how they work.

  • Setup sales widgets for your course and sell more courses!

    🌟 Plus new mini courses released each month!

📚 TTS Resource Library

Get ready to take the shortcut with our stack of resources and templates to transform your course and save you having to create from scratch #allthethings.

  • Asana Course Planner Template
  • FAQ Template
  • Welcome email Template
  • Course completion email template
  • Launch roadmap & checklist
  • Marketing Content Calendar template
  • 🌟 PLUS new resources added every month!

💻 Thinkific Tech Hub

Learn from a Thinkific expert all the tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful course that sells!

Need to change the price on your button? We’ve got you. Want to create a bundle? Sure thing! In these short, sweet and painless videos I show you how to do that and more.

  • How to change your course buttons
  • How to use basic code to pretty up your landing page
  • How to setup your course welcome email
  • How to create a bundle
    🌟 PLUS new tutorials added every month!

Plus Amazing Support 🤝

With our Support Community & Monthly Live Q&A's

  • TTS Support Community

    Get the support from like-minded business owners who are also on their own course creation journey.

  • Monthly Live Q&A’s

    Got questions? We’ve got answers. Get your Thinkific course creation questions answered in our live monthly Q&A.

Are you ready to rock your online course?

Join for 12 months + Get 2 FREE!


🎉 Bonus 1
Canva Template Magic!

Available 19th March
[ Value $147 ]

Wish your workbooks and slide decks looked like a pro created them? Well now they can. With these canva templates you’ll be able to whip up gorgeous workbooks, checklists and slide decks in no time.

🎉 Bonus 2
Recover Your Cart!

Available 22nd March
[ Value $197 ]

Wondered what happens when someone signs up at your school and doesn’t check out? Nothing actually, so let’s change that! We’ll send them on a journey convincing them why they need to buy your course. With this Active Campaign automation template you’ll be set up and ready to capture more sales in no time!

🎉 Bonus 3
Your Ideal Student

Available 24th March
[ Value $97 ]

Having trouble selling your course? Have you heard the term.. “speak to everyone, sell to no one”? You really need to know exactly who your course is for and what transformation they will receive by taking your online course. So, let’s define this person and speak their language, so you can sell more courses.

🎉 Bonus 4
Swipes that Sell!

The All-In-One Email Marketing Solution for Online Course Creators & Coaches by Brittany Bayley
[ Value USD $37 ]

Ever wondered what to actually write in your launch or abandoned cart sequence? We got you! Designed specifically for online coaches and course creators who need to get their cornerstone emails done and dusted so they can start making a consistent profit from their email list. Swipes that Sell includes:
  • 31 Easy-to-customize swipe files for the 6 key sequences you need in place (each series includes 5+ unique emails)
  • Writing Between The Lines masterclass to show you how to personalize and dial in those swipe files so they don't sound generic or flat
  • Email Deliverability 101 masterclass so you can be sure your emails are SEEN (this is great if your list has been un-nurtured for a while)

Many people launch their online course to crickets then the tech gremlins attack and all hell breaks loose. arghh!

Plus, unless you’re working in Thinkific day in and day out there’s a lot that you don’t know, that you don’t know. By the time you realise you’re missing something, it’s too late! 

Sales are missed, students unhappy and your brand rep is going downhill fast 😕

The small monthly investment in Think Tank Society will ensure your course is set up for success from the get go.

Now you could jump on google, search through hundreds of blogs, watch hours of youtube filtering through all the free advice on the web…


 You could take the shortcut, lean into the wisdom of Thinkific experts, who have built more than 200+ courses and follow simple steps to get your course set up for success.

Save hundreds of hours (not to mention all the $$) and gain the confidence to launch and grow your online course the right way. 

What are you waiting for? 

Let’s get your course setup for success

Join us in
Think Tank Society

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Your membership includes:
  • Monthly Mini Courses
  • TTS Resource Library
  • Thinkific Tech Hub
  • TTS Support Community
  • Monthly Live Q&As
  • BONUS 1 - Canva Template Magic
  • BONUS 2 - Recover Your Cart
  • BONUS 3 - Your Ideal Student
  • BONUS 4 - Swipes That Sell

But wait, if we haven't met before...

Hi! I'm Alethea Tuitahi

Founder of CloudXS Digital, Chief Course Designer and Thinkific Certified Expert.

I've worked with hundreds of online course creators over the past 5 years and built more than 200+ courses. So you could say I know 'a bit' about online courses. 😉

You want a course that sells, right?

Whether your course is built and it needs some fine tuning or you're starting from scratch, we can help!

Create a course experience that your students will love, that also transforms your life by creating raving fans and growing your revenue on autopilot.

Are you ready to rock your online course?

Join Think Tank Society today!

Got questions? We've got answers

  • You already built my course, why do I need this?

    Great question! We get asked almost weekly to support clients in marketing their course as well as other aspects of growing their business. We help as much as we can, however we just don't have enough arms and legs to be able to help everyone (but we want too...) after all we know what it's like managing and growing a business. Sometimes you just need the extra support, or a trusted and reliable source of information to support your endeavours. That's why we've created Think Tank Society.

  • What's included in the membership?

    Each month we release a new mini course on a particular topic, the first 3 are:
    March Affiliate Marketing 101
    April - Marketing Your Online Course
    May - Wacky Widgets
    Plus there is the Thinkific Tech Hub - where you will find short trainings on how to do things in Thinkific, TTS Resource Library with templates and tools to use in your business and online course, TTS Support Community where you can network with likeminded business owners and get support with your course, Monthly Live Q+As to get all your burning questions answered PLUS Bonuses!

  • I don't have my course built, is this still for me?

    Yes, what better way to start then to get your course setup correctly from the get go. We have curriculum planning templates which will help you get your course setup quickly and you'll be able to use all the marketing & tech training to connect all the tech and sell your course!

  • Will you be adding new content, or is everything in there?

    Yes! New content is added every month.

  • What tech platforms will I need?

    You'll need Thinkific to host your course, Active Campaign for email marketing, Zapier to connect everything and Stripe to take payments.

  • What currency are payments charged in?

    All payments are charged in Australian Dollars and include GST for Australia Residents. Don't worry your credit card provider takes care of any currency conversions!

  • When do I get access?

    You get immediate access to the Think Tank Society Training hub. Once you login, you'll have access to tech training, templates, plus the Swipes that Sell Bonus. The other mini courses and bonuses will be released as per their individual release dates.

  • Can I cancel my membership?

    Yes, if you join on the monthly membership you can cancel anytime. Of course, we hope you don't! We love seeing our course creators grow and learn and would love you to stay a member.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Before you hit the "join now" button please ensure you understand all inclusions. We do not offer refunds for simple change of mind. We only offer refunds as set out by the Australian Consumer Commission.